Sterile Surgical Packs

  • Table Drape Sterile Surgical Packs Childbirth Pregnant Delivery Disposable
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    Sterile Surgical Packs Disposable Eutocia Pack Delivery Instrument Table Drape Packs Usage:The STERILE SURGICAL PACK is mainly used in the operation, which saves the doctor's preparation time before the operation, so that the treatment can be quickly performed and more time is obtained for the operation. For disposable surgical bags, it is mainly made up of large hole single, surgical single, cloth, table cloth, surgical car cover, surgical gown, hat, shoe cover, hole towel, medium single, plastic disinfection brush, plastic disinfection disc, disposable plastic tweezers. , suture

  • Nasal ENT Sterile Surgical Packs Disposable Waterproof With Surgical Curtains
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    Nasal ENT Surgical Packs Sterile EENT Procedure Set Medical E.N.T Kit with Surgical Curtains At MECARE we provide a range of ear, nose and throat consumables for ENT doctors and otolaryngologists providing otolaryngology surgery. Our ENT Surgical Packs are designed for dealing with problems in the structures of the head and neck such as the ear, nose and throat. Our ENT Surgical Packs include:Contents:Sterile ENT Surgical PacksSizeQuantityOP-tape10*50cm2pcsHand towels40*40cm2pcsSide drape, with adhesive75*75cm1pcSide drape, with adhesive150*175cm1pcInstrument table cover150

  • Lithotomy Sterile Surgical Packs Urinary Procedure Packs TUR Drapes Hypoallergenic
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    Urinary Procedure Packs Sterile Lithotomy Pack Surgical Site TUR DrapesOur main surgical packs are Universal pack, Vertical drape pack, Extremity pack, Arthroscopy pack, Lithotomy pack, Laparoscopy pack, C-section pack, Cystoscopy pack, T.U.R. pack, Cardiovascular pack, ENT pack, Ophthalmic pack, Spine pack ect. Advantages we have:1) Products quality can be guaranteed◆ Products quality can pass Germany TUV,CE and ISO13485 certificated◆ Before delivery,products to be inspected by professional QC,and inspection by third party such as SGS acceptable◆ Professional products test to be

  • Doctor 	Sterile Surgical Packs , Surgeon Gown Pack with Face Mask
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    Sterile Surgical Packs Doctor Kits Disposable Surgeon Gown Pack with Face Mask This Doctor Pack are widely used in Hospital. As the items we make: surgical gown, face mask, surgical gloves, anti-slip shoes cover are the basic wearing for a surgeon. We keep them in one pack to save the preparation time before operation, considered different requirements, we can change the face mask to Tie-on type, powdered or powder free are all available for your choice.Besides, we can customize this gown pack regarding the doctor's requirements.    Raw material SPP, SMS, SS

  • Hospital Custom Surgical Packs with Instrument Drape Cover Medical Supply
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    Sterile Surgical Packs Instrument Drape Cover Pack with Transparent Hose Drape Pack Usage of Instrument Drape Cover Pack:As we know the instruments in operation room are always fixed, and expensive. Such as C-Arm system, O-Arm system, Microscope and Ultrasound probes.  They are difficult to be steriled before surgery, so we manufactured this disposable sterile pack to protect the instruments in operation room. Just peel them off as medical waste after surgery. Contents: Instrument Drape Cover Packs Size Quantity Aperture drape, with adhesive 100*100cm 1

  • Medical Sterile Surgical Packs Lower Extremity , Hand Leg Drape Angiography Pack
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    Sterile Extremity Surgical Packs Lower Extremity Arthroscopy Packs Hand Drape Leg Drape Kit Before sales:The only one thing you need do is telling us the specification and quantity you want to purchase.We can confirm the whole production process, from raw materials to finished product assembly, is completed in the purification workshop. Minimizing the risk of initial pollution, coupled with strict control of sterilization, ensures product safety. Personalized customized surgical clothes, surgical towels and various medical dressings are provided to meet the needs of various types of

  • Patient Disposable Surgical Packs Tooth Implant Dental Packing SMS Material Time Saving
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    Dental Implant Pack Sterile Disposable Surgical Packs Tooth Implant Drape Pack Made of Advanced Materials Factory directly sell dental implant surgical packs product information:1. Dental bib 65*1102. Instrument table cover 80*1453. EO sterilization complete indicator card from 3M4. Transparent hose cover.5. Medical fixed tape (SMS material) product characteristics save time and effort, the combination package will hand.The routine products needed for the operation are centralized, which reduces the preoperative preparation time of medical staff and wins time for the operation which must

  • Ophthalmic Sterile Surgical Packs , Eye Pack Eye Surgical Bag 1pcs Every Pounch
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    Sterile Ophthalmic Surgical Packs Disposable Eye Pack Eye Surgical BagThe sterilized ophthalmic surgical kits produced by our company can be customized to size, materials, binocular or monocular, the number of liquid collection bags, etc., to meet the needs of different doctors, hospitals or dealers. Only the quantity and specifications are required before ordering, we can proof for you to test. The Ophthalmic Eye Pack is mainly used in the ophthalmology operation, which saves the doctor's preparation time before the operation, so that the treatment can be quickly performed and more time

  • Tube Cover ENT Pack Ear Nose Throat Operation SMS Double Layers Laminated
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    Sterile Surgical Packs ENT Pack Ear Nose Throat Operation Drape Pack with Tube Cover Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) OperationAs we know modern surgery has developed to such an extent that the body of knowledge and technical skills required have led to surgeons specialising in particular areas, usually an anatomical area of the body or occasionally in a particular technique or type of patient.There are ten surgical specialties and this briefing covers otolaryngology, or ears, nose and throat (ENT) surgery.Our sterile ENT surgical pack was designed for those surgeons and patients, and widely

  • Women Gynecology Surgery Pack Examination Medical Adhesive 75*120cm 100*100cm
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    Sterile Surgical Packs Gynecology Pack Disposable Pack for Women Examination Surgery Women Exam Kit The reason why we use Gynecology surgical pack:1. Gynecological surgery refers to surgery on the female reproductive system.2. Gynecological surgery is usually performed by gynecologists. It includes procedures for benign conditions, cancer, infertility, and incontinence.3. Gynecological surgery may occasionally be performed for elective or cosmetic purposes. Contents:Sterile Gynecology Surgical PacksSizeQuantityGynecology drape75*150cm1pcSimple drape75*90cm1pcInstrument table cover150

  • Custom Sterile Surgical Packs , Patient Drapes Dental Tooth with Rubber Gloves
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    Sterile Surgical Packs Dental Pack Disposable Tooth Drape Pack with Rubber Gloves Features: · Cost SavingsSave procedures time due to fast and easy handlingReduce packaging wasteSimplified management of the hospital inventoryFlexibility to change Components & Quantity as per customer requirement · Reliable performanceReliable Adhesive tape from overboardAdvanced materials with Anti-static, waterproof or hydrophilic & Low lint propertiesSoft and Comfort abilityEasy traceability of all components in packProvide optimal safety and infection control during all surgical

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